Collect, analyze, and report data where crowds gather.

Crowdnoizeâ„¢ specializes in predictive modeling, using key data points from a variety of social and consumer insight databases to create consumer profiles and influence metrics in real-time. Our software compiles custom segment information about event attendees using filters to generate sponsorship recaps for pre, real-time, and post-event fulfillment reports.


Collecting, analyzing and reporting event data where crowds gather.

With more mobile activity than ever before, the Crowdnoize™ software provides a white-label RSVP engine, funneling data charging out of consumers before and during events, re-packaging and visualizing predictive demographic analytics and real-time consumer reach.

Database Hook-In

Through our white-label RSVP engine, or your own attendance portal, visualizing and reporting your event data is as simple as connecting an Excel or CSV of your attendee email list into our admin panel. Next, our series of algorithms get to work, crunching hundreds of thousands of data points about your event-goers.

Predictive Consumer Profile Data

We capture key aggregate information such as gender, age, income, user interests, and more; all available pre-event date for on-target marketing positioning. This sets the stage for sponsorship update discussions, and aids in the provision of real-time updates  during the event itself.

Instant Social Currency And Reach

Our predictive models calculate attendees’ social influence scores based on their reach. In real-time, we can visualize when the social gamut of the room is at its peak height. At this premium time block, brands can run campaigns, ads, and promotions for maximum effect on the event group.

Intelligent Final Reporting

The final ‘Crowd Reach' report showcases brand positioning success, target demographic reach, and a variety of guest metrics. Nowhere is the data available outside of the Crowdnoize™ software, which is tailor-made for your event.

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